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Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua, LLC

Contact: Adam Bevelacqua

New York, New York United States

(917) 6567-7076

Areas of Practice: Civil Rights, Criminal, Family, Personal Injury


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The Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua offers a criminal defense lawyer for felony and misdemeanor charges. The New York Police Department has targeted gay men in porn shops and bars, setting up stings, and members of the LGBT community continue to face targeted harassment and unjust charges. Additionally, in the ever changing Family Court environment, this office constantly researches the state of the law and provides meticulous representation for clients. Each client will have personal access by phone, email, and live meetings without the fear of hourly billing. This office will treat all cases as a priority, whether a marijuana arrest or a class A felony with a potential life sentence, and an experienced trial advocate will provide a professional defense. If we need to fight the law and take a case through the appellate system, this office will protect a client until the highest courts hear the matter.

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